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Tom Buttery: filming and editing, Andrew Pam: computer and technical expert, Sarah Petrusma: sound and lighting, Leaha McConnell: sound assistant, Matt Staker: stagehand, Victoria Williamson: ticket taker.

Special guests:

Jamaica and Nick Bastiras: music, Jude Aquilina and Janeen Brian: poetry, Kahl Hopper and Morgan Taubert: percussion.

The Radio Flyers Comedy Troupe:

Genevieve Williamson: Raelene Roundbottom and Sarah Simmons-Spright;
Maggie Mundy: Narrator, Madame Angela Lumpley, and Marj Farnecklston;
Paul Briske: French Waiter, Pete the Pilot, Richard Nuttall, and Mike Spright;
Steve Parker: Sir Convivius Throckmorton and Frank Farnecklston;
Alastair Preece: Sound Effects;
Jack Robins: Charles Whizzle;
Katherine Phelps: Host.


Dr. Katherine Phelps